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listening practise

22. 1. 2011


Reading Practice for Maturita

14. 10. 2010


British Literature

19. 2. 2010

If you want to read George Orwell in English, you can use this link:

http://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/o/orwell/george/ and there is all his work online.

Animal Farm is easy language and not very long.


Political systems of the UK and the US

19. 2. 2010

There are two wonderful websites to explore:

Evertything about the British royal family.... www.royal.gov.uk

Everything about the US government.... www.whitehouse.gov



List of phrasal verbs

12. 2. 2010



11. 2. 2010

Everything you've wanted to know about the articles but you never knew where to find it.


American Literature

18. 12. 2009

This link is quite interesting for those, who want to understand what was going on in the world when certain books were written. This is not too much about the books themselves.



History of the USA

16. 12. 2009

Here are some useful links to learn more about the history of the USA




English History

11. 11. 2009


This is a wonderful link to learn some more about English history